JOMBA! offers a curated programme of 3 incredible screen dance films that have originated from the African continent.

Le Sol Oblige (The Earth Obliges)

(Réunion Island)
SOUL CITY - the earth obliges

Choreographed by Didier Boutiana (SOUL CITY)

Danced by Manon Payet, Tony Ignacimouttou, Robin Fabre, Robin Fabre, Périne Légé, Tristan Curco-Llovera, Cécile Vitry, Galaad Quenouillere Benalouane.

Music by Vincent Corvec, Skyra and Peter Sandberg.

Support for the making of this film from Edinburgh Jazz and Bleus Festival, TEAT Réunion (Théàtres Départementaux de La Réunion) and, Théàtres Luc Donat – Le Tampon, La Réunion)

This remarkable film set against the vast and beautiful landscapes of Reunion Island – ash white soil as far as the eye can see – offers a quest by seven dancers who evlove in a world of ritual and conflict and who learn to trust instinct above reason. It is a humbling and beautiful look at the relationship of the individual to ideas of home and land, and to community.

(South Africa/France)
Cut (Part 1) - Vincent Mantsoe

Choreographed and performed by Vincent Mantsoe

Music by Mpho Molikeng (Lesotho)

Film by Frank Pizon (France)

Production by Market Theatre Foundation 

Supported by French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) 

CUT (part 1) made during lockdown in 2020, explores the experience of living with the immanent danger and derived consequences of the ongoing pandemic, particualry (self)isolation. Filmed in Black and white, this 16 minute film, articulates some of the many contradictory emotions in those disturbing times that – while pulling us apart – also made us gravitate towards one another – and perhaps ourselves.

One Step at a time - Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

Choreographed by Pak Ndjamena

Performed by Pak Ndjamena

Directed by Ivan Barros

Cinematography by Ivan Barros

Music by May Mbira (Mozambique)

Sponsor: Ampola Audiovisual and Converge+

One Step at a Time (world premiere at JOMBA!) is the title of the dance film, whose main object is the dancing body that journeys inward into introspection of human resilience in a world that faces increasing social and political crises around the future. Presented in a cinematic way, it proposes a performative challenge where, through movement, the body is forced to experience the feeling of loss. The need to belong to a group or geographic space, where an increasing selfish world is being questioned. This film is a dialogue between dance, music and the senses, oscillating between traditional and current times.