Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

One Step at a Time - Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

One Step at a time - Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros
One Step at a time - Pak Ndjamena and Ivan Barros

Choreographed by Pak Ndjamena

Performed by Pak Ndjamena

Directed by Ivan Barros

Cinematography by Ivan Barros

Music by May Mbira (Mozambique)

Sponsor: Ampola Audiovisual and Converge+

One Step at a Time (world premiere at JOMBA!) is the title of the dance film, whose main object is the dancing body that journeys inward into introspection of human resilience in a world that faces increasing social and political crises around the future. Presented in a cinematic way, it proposes a performative challenge where, through movement, the body is forced to experience the feeling of loss. The need to belong to a group or geographic space, where an increasing selfish world is being questioned. This film is a dialogue between dance, music and the senses, oscillating between traditional and current times.


Pak Ndjamena

Pak Ndjamena is a multifaceted artist who does not see art in a linear way and is interested in collaborations with artists of various artistic genres and from different geographies. Pak does not consider himself fluent in any language or belonging to a geographic territory dissociated from art. Despite being proud of his African roots, he considers himself a world citizen and sees art as a common language that allows him to communicate with colleagues from anywhere in the world. As a result of this vision, Pak has travelled to over 10 countries to showcase his art in its various forms. With contemporary dance as the most prominent, Pak was the winner of the Mozal Arts & Culture Award 2019, in the Dance Category, in Maputo, Mozambique.


Ivan Barros

Ivan Barros is a Mozambican photographer and filmmaker. Enthusiastic and passionate about audiovisual, he is constantly working with Mozambican performers to promote the country’s artistic scene and to challenge himself out of his comfort zone. His career has led him to travel across almost all rural Mozambique, enabling him to share bits and pieces of his country with the world through social media platforms.