Issue 1 (2021) JOMBA! Masihambisane Dialogues Proceedings

The Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal) and its JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience calls for abstracts, papers and digital participation in its 2nd JOMBA! MASIHAMBISANE DIALOGUES from the 25 – 27 May 2022.

Historians like Anderson and Hart (2016) have argued that archives cannot be neutral: they are sites of contestation and power. They state,

“What is selected for archiving, how it is presented and who is allowed to see it, are all ways in which power relations are maintained” (2016: 25).

These theories around the idea of archives are closely bound up with notions of context, politicisation, legitimacy and inequality – who has access to the artefacts, whose voice is the loudest or strongest, whose histories and memories are chosen to represent or stand as a symbol of a movement or moment in time? At the JOMBA! 2022 MASIHAMBISANE DIALOGUES we aim to understand and challenge how embodied knowledge is generated, owned, valued and distributed. We also aim to honour non-traditional forms of knowledge productions that include (amongst an evolving agenda), performance and various  oral/embodied dance traditions that are specific to South Africa; critical attention to the body as archive, activisms; all in lieu of the traditional conference presentation.

The JOMBA! MASIHAMBISANE DIALOGUES are interested in opening space for Southern-based case studies and embodied discussion (in practice and theory) of hegemonic binaries can be/ should be broken down in ‘dancing archives’.



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Issue 1 (2021) JOMBA! Masihambisane Dialogues Proceedings