“As Durban and South Africa’s benchmark dance festival JOMBA!, hits its 22nd year, it is clear that we will not be able to deliver a festival in the same manner as previous years. COVID-19 has shifted the arts world very significantly. In this fragile environment, dance – still defined as a full-contact ‘sport’ – remains separated from rehearsal spaces, from theatre venues, and various sites in our cites.


The somatic, visceral body is absent right now but the CCA and the JOMBA! team believes – as a holding block for future embodied work – that we can still offer dance makers and audiences space to engage serious and important new art and dance making via a re-visioned JOMBA! 2020. “

Dr. Lliane Loots
Artistic Director: Jomba!
Contemporary Dance Experience

2020 JOMBA! Khuluma Digital

2020 JOMBA! Khuluma Digital "DANCING DIGITALLY" is available for you to download here: