2021 JOMBA! Khuluma Digital

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For 2021, the Centre for Creative Arts (UKZN) and its landmark 23rd JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience gears up for its second digital festival iteration. Given the lessons learnt and journeys travelled in the 2020 digital domain, JOMBA! is proud to be hosting a digital space that, once again, offers profound support and nurture, and a serious artistic engagement with South African, African and international contemporary dance and dance makers.


The 2021 digital festival takes as its curatorial focus the timeous provocation of “BORDER CROSSINGS” as impulse towards this year’s festival. This has opened up a focus that looks at dance makers, dance companies and performance-based artists who, in some articulated way resonate with the ideas of “BORDER CROSSINGS”; be these geographical, emotional, physical, spiritual and performative.

Dr. Lliane Loots
Artistic Director: Jomba!
Contemporary Dance Experience