Dance On Screen (USA)

Curated by: Peter Chu, Rachel Miller, Lauren Warnecke and Tara Aisha Willis.​


Peter Chu

Rachel Miller - photo suppplied

Rachel Miller

Lauren Warnecke by Todd Rosenberg

Lauren Warnecke

Tara by Ian Douglas (1)

Tara Aisha Willis 

Curatorial statement

When seeking films for this project, we consciously sought out films which showcased a varied American experience both culturally and stylistically. Our intentions were to give a voice to those who are often unheard from and to present films that have artistic integrity, show a variety of movement styles and explorations, and have multiple ways in which an audience might “read” them. Overall, we chose films that spoke to the multitude and variety of American communities, cultural experiences, sexual orientations, and gender identities to give JOMBA! audiences a taste of the diverse landscape of American dance makers.

01 MEMORYKEEP(H)ER _ Jasmine Hearn - photo by Corey Melton

Memory Keep(H)ER

02 Pull Up Still

Pull Up

03 Separate Sentence young boy and cells still - supplied (1)

Separate Sentences

06 About Inertia_TomTsai_still - supplied

About Inertia

07 Uprooted Photo by Richard Pfister


08 subMERGE still - supplied

SubMERGE a dance scene for camera​

09 Supreme Love - photo by Christopher Duggan

Supreme Love

10 RevelInYourBody_FilmPoster_SourcePhoto

Revel In Your Body