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Photo by Safety Third Productions, Shimmy Boyle


Director: Katherine Helen Fisher

Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer: Alice Sheppard

Choreography Collaborator/Dancer: Laurel Lawson

Wheelchair Design: Laurel Lawson, Paul Schulte

REVEL IN YOUR BODY is a short film directed by Katherine Helen Fisher and starring Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson of Kinetic Light. Stunning choreography in glorious slow motion, amidst a breath-taking open blue sky and industrial playground, reveals the joy of flight on wheels. REVEL IN YOUR BODY originated as a creative concept when the dancers shared online a slow-motion iPhone video of them jumping on a trampoline while strapped into their wheelchairs.
Audio description for REVEL IN YOUR BODY takes an insider approach for the non-visual experience of the film. Rather than describing only what the dancers are doing, the description takes you inside how the movement feels. Audio describer Cheryl Green has composed an aural experience with the music and text description as an emotional arc with space for mystery. Including this access to the film for Blind audience members is required for screening this film. 

Picture description for REVEL IN YOUR BODY: Alice Sheppard, a multi-racial Black woman with short curly hair, and Laurel Lawson, a white woman with short-cropped teal hair, fly through a cloudless blue sky with arms outstretched and their wheelchair wheels spinning. You don’t see the ground, only sky. They both wear metallic silver and gold. Laurel’s face is towards the camera and has a wide, peaceful smile. 

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The password to view is: Revel