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Monday 5 September

Conversations Kunal and Vikram
She Poems Title


Closing tonight Sunday 5 September at 7pm SAST including the WORLD PREMIERE of the films ‘Fear’ and ‘Life’, created and produced in South Africa.
SHE POEMS – a series of screen dance films by Aïda Colmenero Dïaz (Madrid, Spain)
She Poems is a screen dance project inspired by poems written by women, created and produced on the African continent by a new generation of female performing arts creators.

More information: https://jomba.ukzn.ac.za/european-and-usa-crossings/she-poems/

To read a preview: https://jombafestival.medium.com/visceral-exciting-compelling-and-emotional-she-poems-delivers-contemporary-performance-at-its-f942c841f22c

Watch the Trailer: