Talks, Discussions, Writing, and Reviews – conversations around dance at JOMBA!

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The Centre for Creative Arts and University of KwaZulu-Natal

Talks, Discussions, Writing, and Reviews – conversations around dance at JOMBA!

29 August – 10 September 2023

HubClub Special - Introdans - Photo Hans Gerritsen
HubClub Special - Introdans - Photo Hans Gerritsen

The 25th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts (UKZN) is currently running in Durban with an array of performances, workshops, and on online digital offerings until 10 September. There are also many add-ons that include spaces to hear the invited dancers and choreographers speak about their work and for audiences to engage them, as well as sessions for dancers to learn more about international opportunities, and the regular online digital portal KHULUMA will feature reviews and interviews,

Look at the full programme for the JOMBA! Talks Dance sessions to be hosted after some of the live performances at the Sneddon Theatre. These are all free.

The JOMBA! FORGING FUTURES dialogue hosts a live conversation that opens dancing borders for local creators and performers.  JOMBA! will focus on what it means to travel/tour work out of South Africa, working in international collaborations, and how we move across borders to share performance work – with a special focus on the Netherlands. This year JOMBA! will introduce and engage the Dutch guests at this year’s festival to discuss what might be possible and available to local South African artists who are interested in getting their work to broader audiences. 

Titled Forging Futures / Opening Borders assistant curator of JOMBA, Thobile Mapahnga will facilitate the session on 2 September 2023 at 12noon (Sneddon Theatre) and will include, Adriaan Lutejin (Choreographer/ Artistic Manager: INTRODANS),  Roel Voorintholt (Artistic Director – INTRODANS), Emily Ansenk (Director – The Holland Festival), Katinka Enkhuizen (Curator – The Holland Festival), and Jessi Glendinning (Royal Netherlands Embassy [South Africa] – Policy Officer for Culture and Media).

This JOMBA! FORGING FUTURES discussion is free and open to all (booking essential through All attendees will get a free ticket to the 2.30pm matinee with Introdans.

JOMBA! continues to run its JOMBA! KHULUMA and the JOMBA! BLOG Writing Residency facilitated by DUT Drama lecturer Clare Craighead. The residency aims to provide graduate students studying dance the opportunity to grow their skills as dance writers while also experiencing the rigours of working as a festival journalist.

Craighead is joined by international collaborators including UKZN and JOMBA! alumni Dr. Sarahleigh Castelyn from the School of Arts and Creative Industries, University of East London (UK) and inaugural Khuluma Writing Residency participant and now Artistic Director of UAE-Based arts collaborative “The Co|laboratory”:  Lauren Noble.  JOMBA! also welcomes back our long-time Khuluma contributor and co-facilitator Tammy BallantyneWebber from The Ar(t)chive (WITS School of the Arts), alongside some guest writers who have participated in our Khuluma platform in previous years.  The JOMBA! Khuluma continues to promote a dual language delivery with both English and isiZulu and access can be found at JOMBA! Khuluma Blog  

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