Insider Without: uncovering dynamics of power and privilege in disability dance

Insider Without: uncovering dynamics of power and privilege in disability dance

Sydney Erlikh M.S.E.d.

University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Disability and Human Development 


If embodiment is the tangible representation of an idea or concept, then what does disability dance do to our perceptions of and approaches to disability in research?

This panel explored how an intersectional approach to dance and disability that prioritises African conceptual and cultural approaches to disability can impact our work as researchers and dance practitioners. How/ can it widen the scope of research in both areas? Expand, challenge and change the questions we are asking and the methodologies (both theoretical and choreologic) we are developing?

Biography: Sydney Erlikh

Sydney Erlikh (MSEd) is a doctoral candidate in Disability Studies at the University of Illinois Chicago. She studies dance and disability, and her dissertation is a multi-sited ethnography on inclusive dance companies in South Africa and Finland with dancers with intellectual disabilities. She was selected by the Boren Foundation, the Finlandia Foundation, the American Scandinavian Foundation Fellow, and is a Fulbright Scholar for her dissertation research. She was co-awarded a 2019-2020 Schweitzer Fellowship, which lead to the creation of the Inclusive Dance Workshop Series at Access Living in Chicago. She was selected as a SeeChicagoDance Critical Writing Fellow in 2020. In 2021 and 2022, she participated in Harvard Mellon School of Theatre and Performance Studies Research. Sydney serves on the CounterBalance planning committee and NDEO’s dance and disability task force.