VENUE: UKZN – Howard College Campus
Drama and Performance Studies – Dance Studio

PLEASE NOTE: These workshops are offered free of charge to participants, but booking is essential as places are limited. The workshops are only open to dancers 16yrs and older.

E-mail to book a place – at least 2 days in advance of the workshop.

No booking, no participation!

JOMBA! Workshop - Photo by Val Adamson

30 August (Wednesday):  4 – 5.30pm

Mamela Nyamza (South Africa)

The main aim of the workshop is to provide expertise, share experience and give guidance to participants on how to use one’s body as a tool to portray “movement politics” – societal issues, personal matters; and humanity ideas, and is informed by Mamela’s own experiences as a South African LGBTQI/queer mother, and as an artist activist.

1 September (Friday): 11.30am – 1pm

Joseph Tebandeke (Uganda)

Led by an artist/dancer living with a disability, this dance workshop goes beyond movement, embracing bodies in space as a deeper expression of transformation. The workshop offers a platform to understand how different bodies, both able and differently gifted, resonate with, and relate to movement and space.

1 September (Friday): 4 – 5.30pm

Unmute Dance Theatre (South Africa)


Led by Andile Vellem, interpretation and assistance by Nadine Mckenzie and Yaseen Manuel.

Sign dance is a dance technique established by UNMUTE.  Sign language being the language of which many deaf people use to communicate, with one of the company members of UNMUTE being deaf and using sign language daily, this sparked the thought of using the language and finding ways to translate it into dance – what is now known as the company’s signature dance technique. This is an inclusive class and all movements are created for the use of anyone (persons with and without disabilities). 

4 September (Monday): 2.15 – 4pm

Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique)

Pak Ndjamena has been developing a set of hybrid dance techniques, in search of a new coherent choreographic inscription to the representations; a new contemporary body that relates to the environment and to other bodies. The workshop develops through choreographic research with the group, with exercises and rhythms focused on a contemporary language that also investigates important issues about the body, and tension between control and freedom.

7 September (Thursday): 4 – 5.30pm

Helge Letonja (Germany)

The workshop will begin with a warm-up informed by the movement expertise of Kossi Sébastien Aholou-Wokawui, trained in Togo, rooted in West-African traditional and contemporary dance forms and informed by European approaches in contemporary dance. Workshop participants will also learn parts of the company’s repertoire as a movement base, and also play with this movement to manipulate it and find new perspectives.

8 September (Friday): 4 – 5.30pm

Hannah Ma (Germany/ Luxembourg)

Dying while dancing – transforming inner violence in choreographic processes

“In this workshop, we will analyse our relationship to death as a tool and a state of being in creation. In my work, I refer to the political situation in the world and how we can solve our so-called problems and overcome our prejudices and internalised violence. Besides the political, I want to find out with you what the essential conditions are of being a human – finding out how we can find our roots, our heritage, our ancestors, our true selves.” – Hannah Ma

9 September (Saturday): 10 – 11.30am

ACE dance and music (Birmingham, UK)

Engage with ACE dance and music’s professional dancers as they take you through a high energy and physical dance workshop using ACE’s signature contemporary and afro styles. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn repertoire from ACE’s current touring production ‘UNKNOWN REALMS’.