de Stilte (The Netherlands)

Flying Cow - DE STILTE Photo Hans Gerritsen
Flying Cow - DE STILTE Photo Hans Gerritsen

Choreography: Jack Timmermans

Dancers/performers: Gianmarco Stefanelli, Chiara Aldorisio and Pilvi Kuronen

Music: Timothy van der Holst

Costume and Set Design: Joost van Wijme

Lighting design: Pink Steenvoorden, Einstein Design

This work is suitable for children of 5+ (adults most welcome too!)

Flying on the wings of their imagination, two girls and a boy embark on a stand-off. When there are three of you, who plays with whom?  Out of the rolling eggs, the shuffling old woman and the flying cow, emerges a game of friendship, loneliness and solidarity. Flying Cow explores how children play together. Trying to outdo each other, taking each other’s things and company, teasing, sharing, consenting; finding a way for threesomes to play ….


About de Stilte

de Stilte is a professional dance company in the Southern region of the Netherlands, that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. They perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and for schools. Education is an integral part of de Stilte’s activities. Since their foundation in 1994, they have expanded to become the most attended youth theatre producer in the Netherlands (2013).

This tour is supported by the Performing Arts Fund Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Embassy (South Africa)

Performances at the Stable Theatre - Tickets R50