Edna Jaime

Um Segundo (One Second) - Edna Jaime

Um Segundo - Edna Jaime - Photo by John Hogg
Um Segundo - Edna Jaime - Photo by John Hogg

Artistic Direction: Edna Jaime and Ivan Barros

Choreography and performance: Edna Jaime 

Text: Eduardo Quive

Musical Production: Tiago Correia-Paulo 

Vocal Capture: Singha

Light Design: Amosse Mahoche/Lighters 

JOMBA! thanks the Goethe-Institut South Africa for partnering with us to support Edna Jaime’s work coming to JOMBA! 2022

Um Segundo (One Second) is set against the ‘stay home’ of the pandemic. This solo is about a strong sassy woman fighting to rise off the floor and be seen and heard. Techno music blares, Jaime’s body moves between the ancestral and the urban, the real and the virtual, as she comes out of her comfort zone and firmly declares the future is now! This amazing solo is an affirmation of powerful womanhood, and from our recent history when gender politics was so fraught as humanity was urged to ‘stay home’ – not always a safe place for women.

About Edna Jaime

Edna started dancing in 1996 at the House Of Culture in Maputo, having been trained in traditional dance and singing. In 2001 she had her first contact with contemporary dance in a workshop directed by Lia Rodrigues (Brazil) and organised by CulturArte. In 2021 she founded KHANI KHEDI, Soluções Artísticas Produtoras, through which all her artistic projects are mentored, and which represents all her ‘Artivism for a Humanity’ intiatives in Mozambique. In March 2022 she presented Um Segundo at the French Cultural Centre in Maputo as resque Women’s Month artistic programme; all the while also celebrating her 25 years of a profesional dance career.