Tegan Peacock

HEAD_SPACE - Tegan Peacock

HEAD_SPACE - Tegan Peacock
HEAD_SPACE - Tegan Peacock

Initial concept by Tegan Peacock

Collaborators – Tegan Peacock, Wayne Reddiar and Hannah Lax

Music by Wayne Reddiar

Design by Hannah Lax

Dance Performance by Tegan Peacock

Production by Tegan Peacock

Co-Production SPEILART Theaterfestival

Realisation in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut

The South African tour is made possible with the support of the city of Geneva, the canton of Geneva,

Pro Helvetia – Zürich and Pro Helvetia – Johannesburg.

In HEAD_SPACE Tegan attempts to trace the internal conversations of the body and the mind in turmoil. It is a mapping of patterns, pressures and struggles, a performative cartography of self and belonging that works with live music.

Sometimes it is alright

to simply sit

And pace the corridors

of your eyelids,

With your fingertips

Keeping time

Across your chest.

Perhaps chaos is a season.

A closed room

A monsoon.


– Hannah Lax (2022)

About Tegan Peacock

Tegan is a performance artist and creator, currently based in Hilton, KZN. Through her company Rerouting Arts she aims to rethink, redefine and redirect the creation of art and believes in using art as a toll to address accessibility and crate dialogue, in order to bring about social change. She founded, performs in and choreographs for Rerouting Arts (previously known as ReRouted Dance Theatre). Through the company’s collaborative design, she has worked with artists from different artistic genres, creating works that have been presented at festivals, both nationally and internationally. In 2019, Tegan conceptualized and actualized the first Rerouting Arts Festival. The festival is site-specific in nature and presents multi-disciplinary content in diverse public spaces.