UNKNOWN REALMS – A double bill that transcends the past and present.


ACE dance and music - THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW Photo Brian Slater
ACE dance and music - THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW Photo Brian Slater

Artistic Director: Gail Parmel, MBE

CEO: Ian Parmel

Rehearsal Director: Iona Waite

Dancers:  Angharad Jones-Young, Hannah Woodliffe, Janice Ho, Martina Mancini, Mthokozisi Mkhwanazi, Thabang Motaung

Choreographers:  Vincent Mantsoe and Gail Parmel – MANA // Serge Aimé Coulibaly – THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW

Composers: Andy Garbi – MANA // Yvan Talbot – TNBT

Lighting Design: James Mackenzie

Scenography: Catherine Cosme

Costume Design: Ryan Laight

Producer: Juliet Thomas
Set Design: Claire Witcomb


Choreography by Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Burkina Faso)


THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW is a metaphorical night where people try to do their last dance before an uncertain tomorrow. Performed to a supercharged soundscape, this sensational new work by Serge Aimé Coulibaly questions what frustrates you in the world today. Imagine … people meeting to escape their everyday life, but is it really possible to escape from the reality of this world?

ACE dance and music - MANA Photo Brian Slater
ACE dance and music - MANA Photo Brian Slater


Choreography by Vincent Sekwato Mantsoe (France / South Africa)


Sacred, ritualistic and shamanic, the word ‘Mana’ is used in over twenty-four countries; it is universal; we can all feel it when people and things possess this power. Tracing the journey of past lives, this physical work unifies beliefs & cultures – it’s the ultimate life force, the stuff of which magic is made.

About ACE dance and music

Founded by Gail and Ian Parmel in 1996, ACE dance and music is one of the most eclectic and resilient dance companies in the UK. Based in the heart of Birmingham and established 25 years ago as an agent for cultural exchange, the company makes a specific and valuable contribution to contemporary dance both regionally and nationally. ACE’s long-term creative partnerships enrich our contribution to the British dance scene. Collaborations with national and international creative partners, ranging from choreographers and composers to artists in digital media and theatre practitioners, ensure we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our art form. The company has pioneered a unique contemporary dance aesthetic which is rooted in traditional form and is infused by the influence of cultural exchange.

Virva and Nanni’s trip to JOMBA! has been funded and supported by the Finnish Embassy (South Africa)

Performance Venue: Jubilee Hall - Limited Seating - Tickets R80