Virva Talonen (Finland) in collaboration with FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY (South Africa)

Virva Talonen - Nothing Personal - Photo Reino Koivula
Virva Talonen - Nothing Personal - Photo Reino Koivula

Nothing Personal (chapter one)

Choreography, Dance and Texts: Virva Talonen (Finland)

Lights and Scenography: Nanni Vapaavuori

Sound Design: Virva Talonen, Nanni Vapaavuori

Recording: Jaakko Kujala

Production: Barker Theatre, Turku, Finland

Support: Arts Promotional Centre Finland

FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY - Portable Home - Photo Val Adamson
FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY - Portable Home - Photo Val Adamson

Portable Home (chapter two)

Concept, Direction and Dramaturgy: Virva Talonen (Finland)

Choreography: Virva Talonen together with Jabu Siphika, Sbonga Ndlovu, Sifiso Khumalo, Siseko Duba, Kirsty Ndawo and Ndumiso ‘Digga’ Dube (FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY, South Africa)

The Portable Home Project a contemporary dance performance series which delves into a concept of home and its various definitions. Home can be an abstract or a concrete place; it may also refer to a state of mind or a bodily sensation. Most often the definition of home is in constant flux. The Portable Home Project is co-created by choreographer and dancer Virva Talonen and Finnish lighting designer Nanni Vapaavuori. During the years 2016-2022 Portable Home project visited Japan, Palestine, Finland and South Africa. Virva and Nanni worked together in Japan 2016 and Palestine 2018 creating a dance performance together with the local artists. In South Africa, in 2022/23 Virva continues this work with FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY.


Nothing Personal is Virva’s solo work she made in 2018 with Nanni Vapaavuori. Virva returned to her home town in Finland, spending time in places where she grew up. By staying, sensing and revisiting the environment that – as a child – were familiar to her, she created dance where the living, breathing body became the home itself. The core of Nothing Personal lies in the relationship between the repetitive, minimalistic improvisational movement, written text and the audience.

About Virva Talonen

Virva Talonen is a Finnish contemporary dance choreographer, dancer and writer. In her artistic work she often focuses on those obvious yet obscure moments which reveal themselves when becoming absent. The contradiction between the fragility and strength of human self is one of her main interest. In her dance works themes such as age, incompleteness, kinship, fear and empathy, skin as well as home are addressed.

Virva and Nanni’s trip to JOMBA! has been funded and supported by the Finnish Embassy (South Africa)

Performance Venue: Jubilee Hall - Limited Seating - Tickets R80