Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique)

Pak Ndjamena - Deus nos acudi - Photo IVAN BARROS
Pak Ndjamena - Deus nos acudi - Photo IVAN BARROS

Choreographed and Performed by Pak Ndjamena

Music: Umrhubi – Nkosenati Koela

Costume/Set Design: Toma Toma and Pak Ndjamena

Lighting Design: Caldino Perema

Tradition, whether through orality, symbols, manuscripts, sacred objects and even body movements, evokes the ancestry of an entire society. Moments when everything is black, and we do not see with our eyes; we feel life in a deep dream of anguish and pain, but when we wake up, we find ourselves in chaos and we are just a body in the world, bringing in all this experience –  even if unconscious. The strong image and physicality of the body in motion generates different moments of doubt, choice and opinions. A powerful work that interrogates contemporary African male identity.

About Pak Ndjamena

Pak Ndjamena is a multifaceted artist who does not see art in a linear way and is interested in collaborations with artists of various artistic genres and from different geographies. Pak does not consider himself fluent in any language or belonging to a geographic territory dissociated from art. Despite being proud of his African roots, he considers himself a world citizen and sees art as a common language that allows him to communicate with colleagues from anywhere in the world. As a result of this vision, Pak has travelled to over 10 countries to showcase his art in its various forms. With contemporary dance as the most prominent, Pak was the winner of the Mozal Arts & Culture Award 2019 (in the Dance category) in Maputo, Mozambique.

This performance is made possible through the Institute for Creative Arts (UCT), the Villa Albertine Residency and eThekwini Municipality. 

Performance Venue: Jubilee Hall - Limited Seating - Tickets R80