Introdans(Arnhem, The Netherlands)

Wereldleiders – photo © Introdans Hans Gerritsen

Friday 4 September – 19h00

Saturday 5 September – 12noon (repeat screening)

Wereldleiders (World Leaders)

Choreography by David Middendorp

Animation/technology: Dutch Tilt Studios and David Middendorp

Premier: 2020
World Leaders depicts a debate between two extremely powerful people. Middendorp was inspired by hand movements of politicians, translating them into dance. The dancers move like puppets in a game-like setting where the real and virtual reality influence each other. To make this possible, seventeen cameras are hidden in the decor and the wings are full of computers.

Face Machine – photo © Introdans Hans Gerritsen

Face Machine

Choreography David Middendorp

Audiovisual design and lighting design: David Middendorp

Premier: 2015 (INTRODANS premier: 2020)

Middendorp’s Face Machine is inspired by the now familiar phenomenon of the ‘selfie’. The face (of a constantly changing dancer) is projected in huge format on the backdrop of the stage, and so it seems as if the other dancer’s dance, roll and walk across this face … often with hilarious consequences.  

Blue Journey – photo © Introdans Hans Gerritsen

Blue Journey

Choreography David Middendorp

Music: Radiohead, Street Spirit, Videotape, Like Spinning Plates

Animation and set design: David Middendorp

Premier: 2008

David Middendorp created Blue Journey especially for Introdans in 2008. A revised version of the piece reached the semi-final of America’s Got Talent and enchanted millions of television viewers. After the performance, jury member Howard Stern said: “I believe we have been ‘Middendorfed’. It is the best dance ever in the show.” The choreography is a prime showcase for Middendorp’s exceptional ability to combine expressive live dance and video animations into magical and poetic images.


Swingle Sisters – photo © Introdans Hans Gerrtisen

Swingle Sisters

Choreography Alexander Ekman 
“Swingle Sisters” is one of Ekman’s early works, with which he immediately won two awards at the International Competition for Choreographers in Hanover. This work, in which three female dancers ‘sit’ at a table on wheels and cough aloud in a tight and infectious rhythm, immediately revealed his major talents: a fantastic sense of humour and masterful timing.

INTRODANS, frequent guests to JOMBA! over the past 21 years, takes a contemporary approach to ballet: one that’s creative and surprising. Offering dance work that is dynamic, dazzling and gravity-defying, they captivate in a total dance experience.  INTRODANS believes that the language of dance is universal and so it can bring together and move entire generations. They achieve this by appealing to a broad public and actively connecting with them. They perform for the young and the old(er) and organise activities and projects for a wide spectrum of target groups. Founded in 1971 by Hans Focking and Ton Wiggers.


Roel Voorintholt – photo ®
Eva Broekema
(Artistic Director)
Ton Wiggers – photo ©
Hans Withoos Ton Wiggers
(General Director)