hannahma dance company (Luxemburg, Germany)

ONDA - into the unknown


an artistic collaboration between Hannah Ma and Sebastian M. Purfürst (Berlin, Germany)

Choreography: Hannah Ma 

Concept: Hannah Ma, Sebastian M. Purfürst

Production: Hannah Ma

Production Assistance: Dirk Seifert, Lena Noske

Digital Development, Music, Photo- and Videoart: Sebastian M. Purfürst | LEM-Studios Berlin

Costume: Ele Bleffert, Hannah Ma

Make Up and Hair: Emanuelle Simons

Lighting Design: Nico Tremblay, Hannah Ma, Sebastian M. Purfürst

Dramaturgy: Hannah Ma, Marc-Bernhard Gleißner, Sebastian M. Purfürst

Video: Sebastian M. Purfürst, Alexander Ourth

Graphic Design: Annick Kieffer, Sara Giubelli | Studio Polenta

Technical Services: Thorsten Müller, TM Eventservice

Co- Creation: Ritsuko Matsuoka, Sergio Mel, Maher Abdul Moaty, Christin Reinartz, Valentina Zappa

Performance: Hannah Ma, Ritsuko Matsuoka, Sergio Mel, Maher Abdul Moaty, Sebastian M. Purfürst, Christin Reinartz

ONDA is a research, performance and art production space curiously discussing the relationship of humans and nature against the background of anthropocentrism. The artistic research focusses on elements of dance, physical acting, audiovisual compositions and immersive digital arts which are woven into transmedia storytelling — experienced through live performances, installations, online presentations and new media formats.

How do we define the “non- reproducible magical soul”, the aura, the prehistoric part in every individual, the meaning of love in this modern, digitalized and globalized society? How can we deal with our hidden desires and our deepest fears in times of a pandemic and in the isolation of confinement? ONDA is an emotional road trip into the abysses of ourselves and the abysses of the oceans that remain as silent witnesses of global colonial structures. ONDA explores the relationships of the performers and how they deal with confinement and the cold, technical world. The team asks itself how they can build an identity in the stress field of the digital and analog world by analysing the mythology and hybridity of mermaids in our contemporary narratives.

Hannah Ma

About Hannah Ma

Hannah Ma is a German- Chinese choreographer. She was born in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. Her focus lies on contemporary rituals and the translation of archaic roots within our society. Her works are divided in two choreographic directions: “Taming Monsters” and “Transformances”. Ma reflects on eurocentrism, (post-) colonialism, racism, sexism and focuses on diversity- mainstreaming, empowerment of feminist actions and genderfluidity. Her choreographic language is creatively mixing elements of dance and theatre, of ballet, dance theatre and performance.

Production: The People United asbl (LU), hannahmadance| Tufa Tanz e.V. (GER)

Coproduction: Théâtre National du Luxembourg (LU)

With the support of: Trois C-L/ Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministry of Culture Rhineland-Phalatinate, Arts Foundation Sparkasse Trier, LEM-Studios Berlin, Tuchfabrik Trier, UJ Arts & Culture/University of Johannesburg

Special Thanks to: National Arts Festival Makhanda, Nina Zebe, Barbara Ma, Kiteboarding Magazine