ACE dance and music (Birmingham – UK)

TEN (2016 - 2018)

ACE - TEN (choreographed by José Agudo and assisted by Gail and Ian Parmel)

Artistic Director: Gail Parmel

Musical Director: Ian Parmel

Choreography:  José Agudo & ACE dance and music

Dancers: Nathan Bartman, Vanessa Guevara, Yukiko Masui, Sophia Preidel, Christopher Radford, Iona Waite, Tom Tindall, Kasichana Okene–Jameson, Kayleigh Price, Simone Frederick Scacchetti, Sorna Condevaux Ndoye

Apprentice Dancers: Laura Perrot

Composers: Giuliano Modarelli, Beautiful Noise (Vincenzo Lamagna)

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis

Costume Design: Kimie Nakano

Photographer: Danilo Moroni

Full of intense physical power and human fragility, TEN explores the concepts of moving away and leaving, looking at how and why people choose imagined destinies over the lives they always thought they’d live. Inspired by global migration, TEN is a visceral and exhilarating dance production combining contemporary dance with an essence of Flamenco, Kathak, Martial Arts and ACE’s inimitable Afro-fusion style.

About ACE dance and music

Established in 1996 and based in Birmingham, West Midlands in the UK, ACE dance and music was established as an agent for cultural exchange which made a specific and unique contribution to contemporary dance locally and nationally. The Company is open to the experiences and influences offered by its peers who work in other idioms, particularly those from Africa and the Diaspora, to forge a contemporary black dance aesthetic for today. Collaboration is at the heart of ACE dance and music. ACE’s Artistic Director Gail Parmel has initiated countless partnerships and intercultural experiences. Her ventures continue to challenge promoters and audiences to think differently about what they can expect from contemporary dance.

José Agudo (Choreographer)

José Agudo returned to ACE dance and music following his creation A Thousand Shepherds, which was part of the MANA repertoire. José began his career in Andalusia where he began performing as a Flamenco dancer. Since 2007, José has been choreographing for himself and other companies, including Cape Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre and ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble (Associate Artist). In 2011, Jose began to work with Akram Khan Company as an Assistant Choreographer and Rehearsal Director.

ACE dance and music acknowledge the support of: Art Council England, Birmingham City Council, Esmee Fairburn, and Erasmus+