JOMBA! partners with the PANORAMA FESTIVAL

JOMBA! partners with the PANORAMA FESTIVAL (Brazil)

In growing South-South relations, JOMBA! is extremely happy to kickstart what we hope is a long-term relationship with Brazil’s PANORAMA FESTIVAL. This shared digital dance ‘moment’ is a significant step in what we hope becomes further exchanges and sharing.


ELEGBARÁ - Photo Luis Gomes

Direction and Design: Nyandra Fernandes

Choreography Assistant: Danilo Alexandre

Photography: Luis Gomes

General Producer: Karen Antunes

Assistant Director: Hélio Rodrigues

Assembly and Editing: Carla Villa Lobos

Sound mixing: Raquel Lázaro

Making Of / Still: Pam Nogueira

Dronist: Guilherme Raimundo

Visual Artist: Pandro Nobã

Catering: Elecir Fernandes

Driver: Nicholas Antunes, Thadeu Castro

Support: Super Rede supermarket

Outside the obvious and aesthetically beautiful places; outside the big centres; an ephemeral and visceral dance, dialogue with the city; making the streets an urgent stage.

EDA Photo Mayara Baptista Ignacio Miranda

General direction: Andrey Silva, Karoll Silva, Larissa Lima, Luciana Barros, Ricardo Xavier

Photography: Gabriel Oliveira

Recording and Image Editing: Mayara Baptista

Production: Luana Domingos

Cast: Andrey Silva, Karoll Silva, Larissa Lima, Luciana Barros and Ricardo Xavier

ÈDÀ is a dance video with performance scenes recorded throughout the territory of Maré. Seven artists, residents of Maré and other communities come together during the pandemic to pulsate and weave dance as breath and hope. The project is conceived and developed collectively by the artists themselves: beings affected by environmental pollution, and by all the complexity that is experienced in the favelas of Maré.

About Panorama Festival

Founded in 1992 by Lia Rodrigues, the Panorama Festival aims to create a space for experimentation, innovation, and dissemination of contemporary dance and performing arts in Brazil. The festival’s proposal is to bring works by national and international artists to the Brazilian audience, promoting cultural exchanges and stimulating dialogue between different artistic languages and education. In its three decades of existence, Panorama is recognized as an important platform for contemporary dance and performing arts in Brazil, attracting both renowned artists and emerging talents.

For the 25th Jomba! The Panorama presents two out of five works created by young artists from Rio de Janeiro and co-produced by the festival for the Jangada edition in 2021: Elegbará seeks another landscape in Rio de Janeiro to present an ephemeral and visceral dance. ÈDÀ is a breath of hope for those who survive the movements of Maré, a collective project affected by the complexity of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

General Direction: Nayse Lopez

Production Management: Rafael Fernandez