Sihamba sizibhala

(In becoming we leave traces of ourselves behind)

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Thobile Maphanga

Music contributions: Ntomb’Yelanga, Oudskul, and Refiloe Olifant. 

Cinematography: Marcia Buwa

Editing: Thobile Maphanga


In the process of becoming what are the remains we leave behind?  The markings, smudgings and disruptions we create in our journey through life not only speak to where we have been, but who and how we effect the world, and what new beginnings we may arrive at.  This dance film is a solo exploration of one traveller’s journeying. 

Thobile Maphanga photo by Thomis Sweet-Harvey
Thobile Maphanga photo by Thomis Sweet-Harvey


Thobile Maphanga is a Durban based dance practitioner, creative collaborator and emerging writer whose current preoccupation is with Black female narratives and how Black women are writing themselves into history in the now.  Through her research, which is theory and practice led, she explores where and how Black women use their voices and where these voices can be found.  Through self-study she journeys to find her authentic voice and learn her true self through processes of questioning and unlearning.  Her research methods include, but are not limited to, sitting in wait, listening and improvisation. 

Watch the film here: