Aikyam ... reincarnating identity

Artists – Cameron S. Govender, Pavishen Paideya, Primeshni Govender, Nomfundo Khambule

Cinematography – Cameron S. Govender & Primeshni Govender

Editing – Cameron S. Govender

Spoken Word -‘Skin’ (Cameron S. Govender)

Poetry Recital -‘Identity’ (Nomfundo Khambule)

Sound Editing -Cameron S. Govender

Music -KARSH KALE (Milan Indian contemporary Music)

– Continuum Tarang Undone (Contemporary Indian Classical Music)

-Dha (Shriram Iyer)

– Mr Fraud Sadaa Paalaya (Mohanlal Pallavi, Manjari Phadnis, Mia George)

Who are you? Who are we? Who am I? The journey of discovery and life unfolds while trying to question our identity and existence within views governed by ‘isms’ we are yet to discuss. To know you, you must understand how ‘we’ operate which affects how I exist. The beginning is the end, and the end? The beginning …  7 Continents, 195 Countries, 7 674 Occupants, but just 1 you and only 1 me. My body – my armour? My camouflage? My curse? What is this body?

Cameron S. Govender
Cameron S. Govender


Cameron S. Govender began in his quest of self-discovery when he first introduced his feet to Bhoomi Devi (Mother Earth). In 2007 he travelled to India to study Bharathanatyam further. When he returned, he started to face internal wars waged against various identities and roles he was expected to fulfill. Cameron eventually started peeling each preconceived layer of skin he was ‘destined’ to wear and once more returned to his ancestral land in 2013 to study Natyam. He works with organizations and companies like Sri Saradha Institute of Arts and Culture, Tribhangi Dance Theatre, Cape Dance Company, SuriaLanga Dance Company, Flatfoot Dance Company, and Rudra Dance Theatre.

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