Dancers: Sphakeme Nduli and Aphele Nyawose

Videographer: Andile Mtambo


Most women are committing themselves in abusive relationships because of the past traditional norms which says a woman should die in her marriage. This film tackles this contentious issue in the context of African sexuality, spirituality and physicality. It is the element of border crossing where women are trying to break through a tiny hole in order to reach a stage of mental, physical and emotional freedom to be able to see the light without judgments, low-self-esteem and harsh words.

Aphelele Nyawose
Aphelele Nyawose


Aphelele Nyawose was born in Flagstaff (Eastern Cape) and raised in Durban at uMlazi V section. She is a performing artist specialising in dance. She joined Zizezande Youth Development in 2016 where she trained in dance under the tutelage of Deli Malinga, Faca Khulu and Sphakeme Shangase. She started attending Mhayise Production’s Movement laboratory in 2017 where she got introduced to contemporary movement and physical theatre. In 2018 she started attending full-time classes with the company as a trainee leading to her first professional appearance on stage with the company in the production Ndoni. This work was choreographed by Musa Hlatshwayo and commissioned by the Playhouse Company.

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