Jurg Koch Photo by Claude Hofer Ariusz Nawrocki and Radiokafka (1)

(live) DANCE IN A DIGITAL AGE – in conversation with

(Bern, Switzerland)

Saturday 5 September – 15h00

The Printer’s Tray
Choreography and dance: Jürg Koch
Filming and editing: Jürg Koch
Assistant: Joseph Faber
Produced in self-isolation and filmed in studio Freiform, Bern, May 2020

On the one hand a printer’s tray is a sorting box, divided into a number of compartments to store movable type for printing. On the other hand, printer trays are used to store and display keepsakes and souvenirs. Fragments of memories and stories. My Printer’s Tray is a collection of short pieces from 1999-2020. They are building blocks and fragments. On the one hand they are pieces, which pursue and develop a specific choreographic idea. On the other hand, they are core phrases from bigger pieces and larger productions. It is an archive as well as an ongoing artistic and choreographic practice.

The first performance of a set from The Printer’s Tray happened in 1999 in Cardiff under the title “Single Suite No.1”. For each event or performance, a number of pieces from the collection are selected and presented as a modular set. This is a filmed version of six sections from The Printer’s Tray created during the COVID19 lockdown period and published online.

More versions and variations of “The Printer’s Tray” can be viewed on: http://www.jurgkoch.com/choreography

Jürg Koch is a freelance dance artist based in Bern, Switzerland and has been working internationally as a performer, choreographer and dance educator for the past 20 years.
He received his MA from the London Contemporary Dance School. Working with Candoco Dance Company, integrating disabled and non-disabled performers informs his artistic and pedagogic approach. In January 2004 he joined the faculty of the University of Washington as a lecturer and was appointed Assistant Professor in 2008 and Associate Professor in 2014. After working for ten years in higher education he moved back to Switzerland, where he has established a freelance praxis as artist, educator and performer, working closely with BewegGrund (CH) and Dance Unstuck (UK).