Adedayo Liadi and IJodee Dance Company (Lagos, Nigeria)

AYA ASAN - Ijodee #3

AYA ASAN – Photo by Val Adamson

Friday 28 August – 19h00

Saturday 29 August – 12noon (repeat screening)


 “Aye Asan” (VANITY)

Choreography: Adedayo Liadi

Premier: JOMBA! 2011


Dancers: Frank Konwea, Jabu Siphika, ‘Teekay’ Quvane, Sifiso Khumalo, S’fiso Magesh Ngcobo, Mlondolozi Zondi.

In Nigeria, Yoruba mythology says ‘vanity upon vanity, all is vanity and is just vanity’. This also means we came to the world empty-handed and we must surely go back empty-handed no matter how poor or wealthy we become. Coming to the light is a chance for all human beings to show the kind of person they are. This dance piece is about the good, the bad, and the ugly in all of us – and the choices we make along the way.

Adedayo Liadi – Photo Supplied

IJODEE DANCE COMPANY was established in 1999 through the visionary leadership of Adedayo Liadi. The company focuses on training, high-class performances, promotion of contemporary dance and producing/managing international dance productions in Nigeria. IJODEE is a contributor to the socio-cultural and economic development of Nigeria. It uses dance as a medium of communication and is breaking boundaries of dance illiteracy in Nigeria and the world at large. IJODEE won the first position of the African/Indian Ocean Contemporary Dance Competition in Madagascar in 2003 with ‘ORI’ choreographed by Adedayo Liadi. ‘ORI’ toured the world for five years.