Bernardo “Pak Ndjamena” Guiamba (Maputo, Mozambique)


Choreographed and Performed by: Bernardo “Pak Ndjamena” Guiamba (Maputo, Mozambique)


Filmmaker: Ivan Barros


In a poetic visual feast, this short film offers the dancing body as it reflects memories of the past and present, the body in search of human resilience – this dance film is a message of evocation to hope! Pak says, “crossing borders makes us think of each space the body is present in; the shapes that each space forms, the structures, light and colours, land, sea, roads, houses, strips, clothes … all are the different borders that we cross in everyday life!”

About the Filmmakers

Pak Ndjamena is a multifaceted artist – this includes working as a dancer, choreographer, cultural promoter, musician and actor. He does not consider himself belonging to a geographical territory dissociated from art. Despite being proud of his African roots, he considers himself a world citizen and views art as a common language that enables communication. Pak choreographed and performed more than 20 pieces and was the winner of the Mozal Arts & Culture Award 2019 in the dance category in Maputo, Mozambique. 


Ivan Barros is a Mozambican photographer and video-maker. Enthusiastic and passionate about audio-visual, he is constantly working with Mozambican contemporary dancers to promote the country’s artistic scene and to challenge himself out of his comfort zone. His career has led him to travel across almost all rural Mozambique, enabling him to share bits and pieces of his country with the world.