Marcel Gbeffa (Cotonou, Benin)

In my mind

Choreographer and Performer: Marcel Gbeffa (Cotonou, Benin)


Music credits:  GODA anna (Artist: Faytinga)


Costume/set design: Cie Multicorps/Marcel Gbeffa


In my mind begins to unravel the oppression of the lockdown and how the human mind finds others escapes, traveling through space and time. Compensating for physical stillness, the mind goes on a journey of dreams and hallucinations – borders disappear. Gbeffa looks back at childhood memories, imaginations, fears, and ultimately, our deaths. A dancer is left moving in the desert, alone, but with an awareness of a need to connect with nature. 

About Marcel Gbeffa

Founder and artistic director of Centre Choreographique Multicorps in Cotonou, Benin, Marcel Gbeffa advocates for the accessibility and circulation of contemporary dance.  Self-taught as well as trained at the Ecole des Sables (Senegal), he began his career in 2008 with his solo Et si which launched him internationally. Always in search of new forms, his artistic approach is inspired and nourished by the dances, rites and traditional rhythms of his Beninese context as well as encounters, collaborations and influences from other disciplines. Marcel Gbeffa is also director of the Connexion platform in Benin.