JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience YOUTH FRINGE 2019: application

DATE: SUNDAY 1st September @ 2pm


VENUE: (UKZN’s Open Air Theatre (UKZN, Howard College Campus)

**please note: there are no dance mats and the floor surface is slasto**


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday 14 June 2019, by 4pm

Please e-mail to Clare Craighead




The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is open to dancers under the age of 16 years old. It is a support initiative for the various ‘Dance Development’ projects operating in our province (KZN) and provides a space to celebrate our up-and-coming generation of young contemporary dancers and dance practitioners.


The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE has access to limited resources, and therefore applicants should be aware that the event usually takes place in a designated community hall or open air space and as such has no ‘black out’ capacity. To this end, a sound system (CD operated, AUDIO formatted – NOT MP3/MP4, also no cell phones/ipods/ipads) is provided (there are no ‘main tabs’; AV or smoke machine facilities, and there are no dance mats provided).  


The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is NOT a dance competition, there are no awards/rewards offered to participants. The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is free-of-charge for participants and the public alike.


Works submitted for consideration should not exceed a 6-minute duration (please do adhere to this time-frame). Works that do exceed a 6-minute duration will not be considered, and the Jomba! The production team reserves the right to omit works from the performance programme should they not adhere to this time duration.


The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE committee welcomes contemporary, traditional and popular dance forms onto its platform.


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