Unless stated, all workshop will be held in the Dance Studio on the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College Campus)



PLEASE NOTE: These workshops are offered free of charge to participants, but booking is essential as places are limited. The workshops are only open to dancers 16yrs and older (unless otherwise specified)

– E-mail ( to book a place; at least 2 days in advance of the workshop



  • 28 August (Wednesday):

Workshop facilitators: Sifiso Kweyama and the JAZZART dancers

  1. 4 – 5.40pm: (KwaMashu Sports Hall) – youth dance workshop (ages 8 upwards welcome!)
  2. 30 – 6pm: (UKZN Dance Studio) Jazzart Dance Theatre will offer an African contemporary dance experience by exploring the use of weight, defying gravity and allowing all participants to contribute choreographically to a final combination. All abilities and levels welcome but only for those over 16yrs.



  • 29 August (Thursday): 9am to 1pm (Playhouse – Studio 410)

Workshop facilitator: Sifiso Kweyama (JAZZART Dance Theatre)

This 4hr intensive masterclass is for semi-professional and professional dancers only and is a rare opportunity to engage the training and style of JAZART with one of South Africa’s best contemporary dance teachers.



  • 31 August (Saturday): 10am – 12noon

Workshop facilitator: Fana Tshabalala (UKZN Dance Studio)

In an exploration of a growing style that accesses ritual and contemporary dance technique, Fana will take participant on a journey of artistically connecting with themselves and their own growing style as dancers and choreographers. All abilities and levels welcome but only for those over 16yrs.



  • 1 September (Sunday): 10am to 12noon

Workshop facilitator: Leslie Scott (New Orleans – USA) (UKZN Dance Studio)

Throughout this class, dancers will investigate the articulation of the arms, legs, and torso in order to integrate the whole body in motion. Scott’s approach to movement is through dynamic energy rather than static forms, and she constantly plays with traditional placement and wild abandonment. Scott believes dancing is a communal experience and together participants will sweat, groove, and let loose.  All abilities and levels welcome but only for those over 16yrs



  • 5 September (Thursday): 4.30 – 6.30pm

Workshop facilitator: Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Dance Company (Washington – USA) (UKZN Dance Studio)

In this workshop participants will gain an understanding of our signature hybrid work (traditional Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance technique) through interactive experiences that highlight elements of choreography, improvisation, creativity and collaboration. All abilities and levels welcome but only for those over 16yrs.



  • 6 September (Friday): 4.30 – 6.30pm

Workshop facilitator: Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe (UKZN Dance Studio)

In a physically intense workshop that explore the lexicon of dance styles and techniques that make up Mantsoe’s signature style, participants of this workshop will get an up close and personal experience with the legendary Mantsoe. This workshop is not for beginners – and only those over 16yrs.  


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