Twisted and Strange: dancing from the Inside out

Twisted and Strange: dancing from the Inside out

Dr. Gerard Samuel

Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies, UCT, SA


If embodiment is the tangible representation of an idea or concept, then what does disability dance do to our perceptions of and approaches to disability in research?

This panel explored how an intersectional approach to dance and disability that prioritises African conceptual and cultural approaches to disability can impact our work as researchers and dance practitioners. How/ can it widen the scope of research in both areas? Expand, challenge and change the questions we are asking and the methodologies (both theoretical and choreologic) we are developing?

The full version of State of Grace (2011) can be viewed below by permission from the associate producer, Gerard M. Samuel

Biography: Dr. Gerard M. Samuel

Gerard M. Samuel is an Associate Professor: University of Cape Town, Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies and Head of CTDPS Dance Section. He is the Convener: Post Graduate studies in Dance, Editor: South African Dance Journal, and Chair of Confluences a biennial, international dance conference hosted by UCT. His undergraduate teaching currently includes South African Performance Genealogies, and Global Performances Mutations and Migrations courses. His scientific focus area is Contemporary Dance in South Africa and the nexus it offers for reimagining notions of Other and Body. Through Post-colonial and phenomenological readings, he continues to investigate subfields of Dance discourse such as ballet, children’s dance theatre, dance as social healing, and performativity of the archive.