Sasha Fourie

University of Cape Town


An archive for me as a performer, a memory of repertoire with a narrative attached, a storage of embodied techniques learnt over several years, a place for muscle memory. My physical body is a place in which all avenues of my artistry may live; the physical and neural pathways connected to the understanding of my artistic intention. What happens when the body, the housing for my archives is faulty and impaired? Is my archive dependent on the ability of my body to retain these connections?

Biography: Sasha Fourie

Sasha is a freelance artist.  She studied at UCT School of Dance graduating 2011. She started to work within the corporate industry, then shifted her focus to theatre and festivals. Sasha has worked for and collaborated with several companies and artists like Darkroom Contemporary, New World Dance Theatre, Unmute Dance Company, Adele Blank, Ananda Fuchs, Mdu Kweyama, Martin Schoenberg amongst others. She has taught extensively within the government and private sector.

She has received awards like the Encore award for one of her works performed at the National Arts Festival and placed second for the JOMBA! Open Horizons Platform. 

She has produced several independent works, most recently, All but Gone, a solo work speaking to her disability which premiered May 2021.

Sasha is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies in the Arts at UCT specialising in Dance, runs her online digital platform, Smudge Screen, which releases movement-based content and continues to work in a freelance capacity.

Sasha is a qualified yoga instructor and is an aspiring break-dancer having started this journey approximately four months ago. 

Sasha has a deep genuine love for investment in artistic processes, connection and ‘humaness’ through artistry.