Kristina and Julia - Presenters

Kristina Johnstone is a Belgian South African dance artist and teacher. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town School of Dance and the Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film in Kampala, Uganda. She is currently working full-time at the University of Pretoria, School of the Arts: Drama teaching Movement and Physical Theatre.

Julia de Rosenwerth is a South African movement-based artist, teacher, and web designer. She has recently completed her MA, specialising in Interdisciplinary Performance Praxis, through Rhodes University, where she currently lectures. Julia has been designing and creating websites for artists since 2015 and has recently begun to investigate the potential these web-based spaces offer for artistic research.

Roby and Mamela - Presenters

Mamela Nyamza’s form-breaking autobiographical works since 1998 deconstruct ballet’s elitism (The Meal), its method and logic, its roots in European patriarchy and the gender inequality (The Last Attitude with N. Xaba) at play in the classical form. In her intersectional work-pieces, she pinpoints South Africa’s current socio-political injustices, gender-based human rights violations and systemic intolerance. She travails to decolonise the arts and traduce the colonial decimations of the African Women and its conflictual misappropriations of Africa’s cultural and spiritual heritages (Le vol du Boli 2021, 2022).

Robyn Denny migrates intently and extensively through painting and videography and is known for her visceral, compelling multi-media ar(t)-chival installations (Large Black Inks 2007, Hatched 2016, Indigo – Passage to Healing 2017, Traces of Untold Stories 2020). Her collaborations explore the tension arcs from colonial trauma to contemporary renewal, translating the trading conflictual conjunctures of human and non-human, oceanic and land topographies intersecting with/in bodies at sea and at stake in yesteryears and folded in contemporary memorial bodily traces.

Gerard and Ebrahim - Presenters

Gerard Samuel is an Associate Professor: University of Cape Town, Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies and Head of CTDPS Dance Section. He is the Convener: Post Graduate studies in Dance, Editor: South African Dance Journal, and Chair of Confluences a biennial, international dance conference hosted by UCT.  During the Apartheid era he performed with the NAPAC Ballet Company and The Playhouse Dance Company in Durban. He held senior management posts for The Playhouse Company, until 2006. He is an advocate of disability arts in South Africa and in Copenhagen. His scientific focus area is Contemporary Dance in South Africa and the nexus it offers for reimagining notions of Other and Body. Through Post-colonial and phenomenological readings, I continue to investigate subfields of Dance discourse such as ballet, children’s dance theatre, dance as social healing, and performativity of the archive.

Ebrahim Meddel is and award winning dancer, and choreographer currently based at the Eoan Group in Cape Town where he began his journey. He has performed internationally (Paris, Rome, Budapest, Mumbai, and Tunis) and with numerous companies in South Africa including NAPAC Dance company, Bop Dance, PACT Ballet, and later the State Theatre Ballet. He also danced for Magic Life der Klub, Turkey. Ebrahim’s awards include the South African Airways Young Performer Award for Best Male Performer (1997), and the FNB Vita Award (1996). His most recent creative choreographic works include Dead Girls Dancing, Interrupted Mindfulness, and Shifting Dependencies. Ebrahim’s works have been part of the Baxter Dance Festival and Suidooster fes in recent years. He is also a sought-after ballet teacher currently sharing his experience and expertise at UCT School of Dance. Ebrahim is the Artistic Director of the Eoan Group Theatre co. and sums up his life journey as vivacious, “spray with Doom and start over”.