Date of Fringe at Jomba: WEDNESDAY 4th September 7:30pm

Venue: The Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre (UKZN)

APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON: Friday 14th June 2019 (by 4pm)



Professional, experimental and up-coming choreographers and dance companies are invited to apply for participation on the JOMBA! FRINGE programme.

Please note that this application form does not confirm your performance, it will be placed (alongside all other applications) before the JOMBA! selection committee. If you are selected you will be notified via e-mail please ensure all details are clearly filled in on the form, and that all fields on the form are completed (ensure too that the e-mail address you supply is valid, and one which you regularly check). Please note that the committee’s decisions are final: no late applications will be accepted, and no discussion will be entered into regarding these matters.

There is space for a maximum of 8 works on this year’s fringe, and applicants are accepted based on FIRST AND FOREMOST the detail and clarity of the information supplied on the application form, and the suitability of the application in relation to the vision of JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience. We reserve the right to request additional information if needed for the selection committee.

 On the evening of the FRINGE a selection panel of industry experts also awards one work the title “pick-of-the-FRINGE” and there is a cash honorarium offered for this, as well as an invitation for the choreographer of the selected work to present work on the JOMBA! platforms the following year. WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WITHHOLD THIS AWARD SHOULD CIRCUMSTANCES ARISE RESULTING IN AN INABILITY TO PRESENT THIS AWARD.

Please ensure that you are thorough and detailed in the information you supply.

 The JOMBA! Fringe is open to works of a maximum of 15 minutes in length. You are cautioned to be extremely mindful of the time-frame for FRINGE works. Due to the lack of time discipline by chorographers in the past, the JOMBA! committee and the JOMBA! technical team reserve the right to exclude any work that exceeds this time-frame. This includes exclusion on the day of the Fringe and the possibility of the crew turning off any theatre lighting at the end of your 15 minute mark – you have been warned.


* Closing Date of Application: FRIDAY 14th June, 4pm (LATE APPLICATONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED).

* Only applications completed on this application form format will be considered.

* Should you wish to supply photographic images or video footage alongside your application, please send these through as separate attachments/links (in the same e-mail that your application is attached to).

* All forms must be submitted by e-mail to ATT: Clare Craighead with the subject line “2019 JOMBA FRINGE APPLICATION” (please do not fax or hand-deliver forms to the Centre For Creative Arts, these will not be accepted).

* An e-mail confirming that your application has been received will be sent within 24 hours of you mailing your application (should you not receive such confirmation – please re-submit your form).

* Filling out this form and submitting it for consideration indicates that you understand the rules and regulations as set out by the JOMBA! Festival.

* Please ensure accuracy when completing your application – incorrect information and information left out may result in the application being disregarded.

* All technical details need to be carefully written up on the application form as fringe participants will be subject to the technical specs as set out by the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre/ and the available technical rig that is set up for the main festival.  

* Successful applicants will receive detailed information regarding technical information, at a later date.

* Should your application be successful‚ you will have to work within the given festival rig and any special requirements will be subject to negotiation and will need to consider time limitations in terms of set-up and rehearsal allocations for the fringe. Please note that fringe rehearsals are scheduled during the day of the fringe, and so please ensure that you and your cast are aware of this (a schedule will be sent out after Jomba! Fringe selections have been finalized, and applicants informed).

* The fringe is only open to choreographers and performers over the age of 16-years, working specifically in the idioms of contemporary and fusion dance, dance on screen/film will also be considered.

* No traditional or classical dance forms will be accepted onto the fringe as the mission statement of JOMBA! is to support and promote the development of contemporary dance in KZN.

* Work may not exceed a 15-minute duration (works exceeding 15-minutes will be disregarded, and should works exceed this time frame in performance, the festival production team reserves the right to stop the work or omit it from the FRINGE programme entirely.

 * All fringe participants will be given no more than 45-min for get-in rehearsal/set-up/technical time in the Theatre on the day of performance – you will work with the festival lighting designer and technical crew who will assist in mounting your work. Latecomers will not be accommodated: successful applicants will receive, well in advance of the FRINGE, a technical rehearsal schedule for the FRINGE. Please note that this schedule is final, and is developed on the basis of information provided in the successful application forms.

* Please note that the festival is not responsible for providing sets/costumes/additional technology outside of the lighting and sound that is available in the theatre and provided by the JOMBA! Festival Team.

* Fringe participants are responsible for the delivery and removal of all sets/costumes related to their work, the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre staff and Jomba! Staff will not be responsible for delivery/removal/storage of any sets or costumes once the fringe is complete. Any sets/costumes left in the theatre following the Jomba! fringe will be discarded.

* The JOMBA! Festival does not allow non-designated persons to film or photograph any performances on the JOMBA! stages. Should you wish to photograph/film your performance, you may negotiate that this is done during the technical rehearsal.

* Please note that technical rehearsals for the fringe take place from 9am on the morning of the Jomba! fringe performances and you will therefore need to be available for your rehearsal slots on this day. Careful consideration is taken when scheduling the rehearsals, and the order of the works, and once an order has been allocated, it will not be changed.

* The festival provides one ticket for each performer on the fringe, this ticket is for use by the performer only and is not transferable, no further complimentary tickets are issued, tickets can be bought from the box office or via computicket, or on the evening of the fringe, and are available one hour prior to the performances.

* Please Note: the work you pitch in your application – if accepted onto the fringe for performance – needs to be the work that you present at the festival – while we understand that work grows and develops through the creative process, the work should resemble what is supplied on the application sent in.

 * If you have applied to and been accepted for performance on the JOMBA! fringe in previous years, and have cancelled your performance after being scheduled, please note that we will not consider your work for at least two years following this.